How did it start?

This blog was my New Year only…last year and the year before and the year before… and yes I know, we are in June, so what??

Life happened and it is never too late for the good stuff.  You know how it goes: a new year starts and you make a long and ambitious list of all the things you are going to accomplish, and by the end of January, you feel depressed and inadequate because you can barely keep up with number one on that list.

Well… at least that’s how it goes for me or should I say, for us, average people. I am not talking about that 1 %, perfection seekers, those people at the gym at 6 am, the ones who send their holidays cards on December 1st, you know, those human beings who were put on this earth just to remind us of our imperfections and who get everything right or, at least, that how it seems…

So if you belong to that small group, this is your chance to stop reading because this is definitively not for you. You can go back to your perfect life and share it with your “friends” on Facebook.

I am writing for the rest of us, women, mothers, daughters, husbands, sons just trying to wing it, beautiful in our imperfections and just seeking those moments in life, small or big, that make it all worth it.

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